Meta Trak S7 Thatcham Approved Tracking system
Item code: MTB3 1yr Sub
£ 349.00
(Ex VAT £290.83)
Price includes mobile installation, first Subscription (duration depends on selection) and VAT

The Meta Trak S7 is a cost effective Category S7 insurance approved tracking solution for monitoring your assets, ensuring you are in control.

With easy selectable modes you are in control of how you use the service. Knowing you will receive alerts if a theft is attempted provides much needed peace of mind for your valuable investment. 

Insurance Accredited

The Meta Trak S7 product is a fully Thatcham Accredited, insurance approved Category S7 Tracking solution.

With all the features of the Meta Trak M-Shield product but with the added peace of mind that if your asset should go missing a secure operating centre is at hand to notify you and the authorities should it be required.

Subscription Included

Options for 1 or 3 years subscription are included in the cost, and with a 3 year warranty on the hardware as standard, you can be sure your investment is covered. 

We offer very competitive re-subscription rates and the ability to swap the unit to a new asset if required.

Suscription renewals:
  • Meta Trak S7 - 1 Year Resubscription (Including VAT) ¬£99.95
  • Meta Trak S7 - 3 Year Resubscription (Including VAT) ¬£249.95

  • Meta Trak S7 with 1 Year Subscripton ¬£349.00 (including mobile installation and VAT)
  • Meta Trak S7 with 3 Year Subscripton ¬£465.00 (including mobile installation and VAT)
 Please note: This product requires professional installation. Please contact us prior to purchase to arrange a fitting.
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