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Cobra Spyball AM6829 Alarm/Immobiliser
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The latest Cobra Spyball Motorcycle Alarms are equipped with a multi-function remote control that allows simple arming and disarming via the on/off button or automatically via the new Biker Recognition function.

The systems activate automatically as the rider walks away from the parked vehicle with the transmitter in his pocket and de-activate as the rider comes back within range.

Key Features:-

The latest Cobra Spyball 6809 Thatcham CAT 2-1 and Spyball 6829 Thatcham CAT 1 alarms feature a brand new electronic platform and the following functionality:

  • Movement Sensor: Protects the motorcycle from being lifted or dragged away by controlling movement over 360°
  • Engine Immobilisation Circuit: The Spyball 6829 Thatcham Category 1 Alarm with two immobilisers offers the ultimate protection against unauthorised use of the motorcycle
  • Automatic Arming: Immobilisation of the motorcycle even if the biker forgets to switch on the alarm
  • Perimetric Protection: Seat, panniers and alarm unit protected
  • Ignition Lock Tamper Protection: Triggers the alarm if the ignition lock is tampered with
  • Self-Powered Siren: Siren blasts when motorcycle battery disconnection is detected
  • Sleep Cycle: Battery consumption of near zero when the bike is parked up for longer periods
  • Panic and Anti-Hijack functions
  • Low consumption rate of approx. 1mA ON
  • Water resistant plastic housing to protect the electronic board
  • Compact unit size makes the system suitable for any make and model of motorcycle
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