Meta Trak VTS - New Thatcham VTS Category System

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£399.17 (ex. VAT)
Meta Trak VTS - New Thatcham VTS Category System

VTS The NEW standard in ‘insurance approved’ tracking system installations

Meta Trak VTS is approved to meet the new Vehicle Tracking Systems criteria launched by the Thatcham Research Centre on 1st Oct 2016.
What is Thatcham's VTS Category?

VTS category trackers are designed to combat the ever increasing threat of Key Cloning. This is where criminals (using and electronic device), can make a digital copy of your existing key, bypassing the vehicle's immobilizer.
CAT6 and CAT7 systems are armed and disarmed via the ignition key, where as the new  VTS systems are supplied with additional tags which control the tracker. So, if a vehicle with a VTS system has the ignition turned on and a tag is not present the tracker will send an alert. Also, with VTS there is an option to add an additional immobilizer circuit which is also enabled when the tag is no present.
Get Connected:
  • Professional Stolen Vehicle Tracking
  • Secure Operating Centre Monitoring
  • Latest satellite location technology
  • Rider ID Tag
  • Engine Immobilisation (Optional)
  • Journey Scoring
  • Journey history
  • Real-time tracking via app/web
  • Smartphone App
  • Web Portal
  • 3yr Warranty
  • European Coverage
  • Insurance Approved

Meta Trak App:
With useful everyday features such as battery monitoring alerts, tow away notifications, driver score profile, journey history and live Google traffic info, the Meta Trak app is a useful everyday tool.

​These features give you control over the location of your asset via the in built GPS transmitter and the information you want to receive from it.
Subscription Included:
Options for 1 or 3 years subscription are included in the cost, and with a 3 year warranty on the hardware as standard, you can be sure your investment is covered.

​Competitive re-subscription rates and the ability to swap the unit to a new asset if required.

Suscription renewals:​
  • Meta Trak VTS - 1 Year Resubscription (Including VAT) £99.95
  • Meta Trak VTS - 3 Year Resubscription (Including VAT) £249.95

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