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denali 2.0 plug-n-play cansmart controller for bmw r1200 lc & r1250 series - gen 2
Harness the power and intelligence of your vehicle's CANbus electrical system. The DENALI CANsmart Controller provides plug-n-play installation of up to four accessories to enable dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled right from the BMW "WonderWheel" or the CANsmart Accessory Manager Software.
(Ex VAT £174.99)
noco genius 2uk 6/12v 2a battery charger (lithium compatible)
The GENIUS2UK is an ultra-compact and high efficiency 2-Amp 6-volt and 12-volt battery charger, battery maintainer, and battery desulfator for lead-acid automotive, marine, and deep-cycle batteries, including flooded, gel, AGM, and maintenance-free, plus lithium-ion batteries.
£53.99  £59.98
(Ex VAT £44.99)
jmp skan 1.0 uk battery charger 6/12v 1.0a lithium compatible
Microprocessor-controlled high-tech battery charger of the latest generation with 8 charging levels. Both for quick charging of a battery and for long-term maintenance charging, for example when hibernating vehicles.
£42.99  £47.99
(Ex VAT £35.83)
denali 2.0 d4 trioptic led light kit with datadim technology
Specifically designed for powersports applications, we focused on generating the most amount of light with the least amount of power draw from your vehicle.
(Ex VAT £316.66)
denali d7 2.0 trioptic led light kit with datadim technology
At over 15,000 lumens, the DENALI D7 light kit is one of the brightest LED lights under 4.5 inches period. A pair of D7s feature 14 high-intensity, 10-watt LEDs that are focused through a proprietary single-piece optic specifically engineered to create a full bodied spot beam that can reach over 1500ft at an intensity of 1.0 lux.
(Ex VAT £458.33)
denali plug-n-play wiring kit for denali soun
Easy and inexpensive Plug-N-Play wiring kit for Denali SoundBomb Air Horn that doesn't require any cutting, soldering, slicing or crimping. Clip one lead to your original horn trigger wire, one lead to battery ground, one lead to battery positive, and plug in your horn's relay.
(Ex VAT £21.66)
£44.99  £49.99
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jmp skan 4.0 uk battery charger 12v 4a lithium compatible
Microprocessor-controlled high-tech battery charger latest generation with 8 charge levels.
£59.99  £64.99
(Ex VAT £49.99)
denali 2.0 d2 trioptic led light kit with datadim technology
Denali 2.0 Light Kits are brighter, more robust, and a lot more versatile. The all new Cree High-Intensity 10 watt LED's are focused through our TriOptic Lens System to give you three unique beam patterns in one kit.
(Ex VAT £279.16)
mio mivue m760d modular twin camera system
Modular twin camera system for motorcycles and ATVs. Waterproof cameras and control pad.
£359.99  £399.99
(Ex VAT £299.99)
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denali auxiliary light mounting brackets for bmw r1200gsa '14- & r1250gsa '19-
This Denali Mount Kit allows you to mount the any Denali lights to your BMW R1200GSA '14- & R1250GSA '19- with ease. The laser-cut mild steel powder coated black bracket is both strong and attractive.
(Ex VAT £79.99)
For G1100/G3500/G7200 chargers
£17.99  £18.62
(Ex VAT £14.99)
£56.99  £65.99
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(Ex VAT £19.99)
Midland Bike Guardian Motorcycle Dashcam DVR Action Camera
(Ex VAT £99.99)
£53.99  £59.99
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£109.95  £129.95
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£129.99  £159.99
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£204.99  £234.99
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£62.99  £69.99
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Suitable for use on BMW, Ducati and Triumph Power sockets
(Ex VAT £5.53)
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(Ex VAT £10.83)
Suitable for BMW, Ducati and Triumph power sockets.
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