Denali Soundbomb, seriously loud horns.
Denali Horns
Denali Soundbomb Compact
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Denali Soundbomb Split
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Denali Soundbomb Mini
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denali plug-n-play wiring kit for denali soun
Denali Plug-N-Play wiring kit for Denali SoundBomb Horn
Easy and inexpensive Plug-N-Play wiring kit for Denali SoundBomb Air Horn that doesn't require any cutting, soldering, slicing or crimping. Clip one lead to your original horn trigger wire, one lead to battery ground, one lead to battery positive, and plug in your horn's relay.
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denali wiring adapter for connecting soundbomb horns to oem bmw horn harness
DENALI Wiring Adapter for connecting SoundBomb Horns to OEM BMW Horn Harness
Use the DENALI wiring adapter for connecting SoundBomb horns to the OEM BMW harness for a true plug & play connection
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