BikeTrac GPS GSM GPRS and RF Tracking
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BikeTrac by Road Angel

Bike Trac, the latest innovation from Road Angel, is a small GPS, GPRS, GSM & RF device that once fitted to your bike, lets you see where it is through an easy to use Internet portal - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If your bike moves and youre not on it, you will get an alert by SMS text message and email to let you know its on the move and where its going. A Secure Operating Centre also receives alerts, and works with the authorities on your behalf to track and recover stolen bikes. You can use the same secure portal to see all your recent journeys using the latest Microsoft Virtual Earth maps.


 Be alerted if your bike is stolen and track its movements.

Should a bike fitted with Bike Trac be stolen, the owner will be notified by an SMS text message and/or email. A Secure Operating Centre will also be alerted, and will contact the owner by phone to confirm a theft has taken place. If it has, the call centre will work with the authorities to track and recover the stolen bike.

The Secure Operating Centre is a team working around the clock in readiness to respond to any alerts to stolen bikes. As well as an alert being sent to you and your chosen contacts if a theft occurs, the Secure Operating Centre will also receive an alert and contact you to confirm that your bike has been stolen.

After you have acquired a Crime Reference Number, or Incident Report Number from the Police, the call centre will then contact the Police to initiate a search and recovery.

Bike down


Automatically alert family & friends if you have an accident.

Bike Down is a feature where your chosen family and friends will receive an alert by SMS text and email, should your bike tilt to an angle greater than 80 degrees - while the ignition is on.

The time and location of the Bike Down alert will be sent to your chosen contacts, so they can act accordingly.

With the ability to turn this function on or off at will, this is a handy feature that will give your loved ones peace of mind, knowing that they will be alerted if you are involved in an incident while riding.

Please note that the Secure Operating Centre do not receive Bike Down alerts, only the chosen contacts you have set-up on your Bike Trac portal.


Battery Management

Bike Trac will alert you and your chosen contacts if your bikes battery drops below a certain voltage. No alerts will be sent to the Secure Operating Centre.

You can set the voltage level for which the unit will send you an alert, between 10.8 volts and 12 volts.

If your bikes battery does drop below the level you set, the unit will also stop taking charge from the bikes battery, until the voltage level is restored.

Please note that Bike Trac only takes a draw from the bike's battery when it needs 'topping up'. The internal battery within the Bike Trac unit will last up to 30 days without needing to charge itself.

Bike Trac can be used as a stand alone unit with no external battery feed, which makes it perfect for off-road bikes and other equipment.


Bike Trac unit price: £299.00 incl VAT. Mobile installation service: £96.00 incl VAT
Please contact us prior to purchase to arrange an installation.


Bike Trac requires an ongoing subscription to pay for the cost of data transfers from and to the device, and the central Bike Trac computer servers. This includes text messages and the cost of the Secure Operating Centre.

Please note that Bike Trac is registered to the owner, not the bike. This means that you can transfer the unit from bike to bike without re-registering or paying additional administration fees.

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Two years£179.99
Three years£229.00

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