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Daytona 4 Level heated Handlebar grips with integrated switch and LED
: £87.17
£ 79.99(Ex VAT £66.66)
For 22mm (7/8") Handlebars, open ended.

Daytona heated 22mm (7/8 inch) Motorcycle handlebar grips with Intergrated switch and LED level indicator.
Open ended for use with handlebar end weights or bar end mirrors. New design with flat intergrated switch which dos not interfere with holding the grip.
LED indicator displays the 4 heat levels in different colours.

  • 4 stages with integrated switch in the left handle- allows a "clean installation" with only a few cables
  • Soft silicone rubber compound
  • Length of grip rubbers 120 mm
  • Fast heating function, which heats up quickly, regardless of the heating level
  • sits perfectly on the handlebars
  • Switch splash-proof
  • Open handle rubbers with cap
  • Cable bend protection on the grip rubbers
  • No overheating possible due to eg short circuit (automatic locking)
Level 1: 21W
Stage 2: 31W
Stage 3: 43W
Level 4: 55W

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