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FOBO Bike works directly with your smartphone to provide the cool features that comes with FOBO Tire. FOBO BIke is designed to cater for two wheel vehicles (motorcycles and bicycles) with tire pressure below 600kPa(87psi). FOBO Bike is the world’s first all Bluetooth Smart advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for two wheelers and three wheelers.

FOBO Bike uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 that works directly with your Android and iOS device. The main function of FOBO Bike is to monitor the air pressure and temperature of two wheelers & three wheelers like motorcycles, Can-Am Spider, bicycles. It then transmits the readings to a smart phone where the user can browse. The user can set upper and lower thresholds of the air pressure. FOBO Bike will monitor the pressure based on the thresholds with its smart algorithm and will provide three levels of alerts when the thresholds are breached.

24x7 Monitoring of your Bike Tires
Even when your bike ignition is switched off, for a complete peace of mind. FOBO Bike works round-the-clock to ensure your tires stay properly inflated. FOBO Bike does not need an external power source. It comes with batteries included which last up to two years and are easily replaceable (battery type - CR2032).


Monitor up to 19 Wheels
From your smartphone simultaneously with just one single app (e.g. 9 bikes or 6 trikes or any combination of bikes and trikes up to 19 wheels) 

(Picture shows FOBO Bike installed with optional T-valve)


Share FOBO Bike
Allow other users to use your bike and FOBO Bike so that the user can enjoy the benefits of FOBO Bike using the user’s very own smart phone. The user just needs to download FOBO Bike App (up to 100 smart phone users). Sharing has never been easier with our app's intuitive quick sharing feature 

(Picture shows FOBO Bike installed with optional T-valve)

Install FOBO Bike in less than 5 minutes without the need for professional help. Just follow the FOBO Bike app's simple on-screen instructions. You do not need to change or modify your tire's existing pressure valve. Just screw on the FOBO Bike sensors, download the App, follow a few simple instructions given by the 
App and you are good to go 


Theft Deterrent
FOBO Bike sensors come with proprietary nuts and wrench for theft deterrent 


T-Valve Optional Accessory
Suitable for rim valve hole of diameter 11.3mm or 8.3mm.


In the box
  • 2 x Sensors (Black)
  • 2 x Wrench
  • 4 x Locking Nut
  • 1 x Key Chain

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