Snooper DVR-5HD FULL HD Front & Rear Dash Camera
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Bringing together two 1080p HD video cameras to cover ther front and rear of your vehicle. Snooper DVR-5HD includes forward collision and lane departure warnings, 3-axis g-sensors and GPS location data. The Quality of footage is now available on both cameras all helping to protect your no claims discount and ensuring you're not a victim of an insurance scam. 
Front & Rear Full HD video recording.
User choice between
1920 x 1440p (Super HD) Front
1920 x 1080p (Full HD) Front & Rear

MicroSD card included.
The included 32GB Micro SD Card captures any, and all driving.  All footage from, both cameras, are automatically recorded directly to the card. This ensures you never miss an incident, DVR-5HD will film 15 seconds before and 15 seconds after any event.

Continuous loop recording.
Old data is overwritten automatically if it hasn't been allocated to the incident/event folder. This allways allows DVR-5HD to maximise the space on the micro SD card. 

Automatic emergency collision detection.
A 3 Axis G-Force and shock sensor detects motion and automatically records this as an 'Event'.

Crystal clear micro cameras.
Snooper DVR-5HD comes with 2 cameras, both delivering unbelievable quality. 

Focus range.
With an impressive close focus drivers benefit from crisp and clear imagery on close road signs and vehicle number plates further ahead. 

Sound and vision.
Snooper DVR-5HD provides Front & Rear HD video continuously, including any incident you are involved with. Also a built-in microphone will capture any audio footage from inside your vehicle. Capture every word spoken before, during and after the incident. For privacy protection, the microphone can be switched on or off.

GPS Time and date stamp.
Time and date stamps of your incidents can be turned on or off, depending on your preference. Adding a time and date stamp to your videos will provide further evidence against any insurance claim.

Night and day.
Snooper DVR-5HD works night and day on both cameras.

Continuous Recording.
Snooper DVR-5HD can be hardwired to the vehicle, providing 24 hours a day security. Separate hardwire lead can be purchased.

Key features include:-
3 LCD Display
Automatic accident and event recording
Continuous audio and video recording
Emergency recording
HD Images - 1920p x 1080p (HD) Front & Rear
Built-in micro GPS technology
Built-in miniature video camera
3 Axis G-Sensor
24 hour Day and Night modes
155° Angle view Front, 130° Angle view rear  
360° Horizontal Camera Rotation (front)
32GB SD card included. 

Forward Collison Warnings
Lane Departure Warnings

Snooper DVR-5HD PC software companion

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