TomTom Rider 500
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Discover your next adventure
  • Ride challenge level. Plan windy and hilly roads
  • Discover the world's best riding routes
  • Updates via Wi-Fi®. No computer needed
  • Discover, personalise and enjoy stunning riding routes with MyDrive
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Now
  • Smartphone messages read aloud, hands-free calling
  • Lifetime European Maps, TomTom Traffic and Services
  • Double the processing speed and five times faster start-up


Winding and hilly roads

Find the most exciting winding roads and climbs to avoid the boring straights. Select how challenging you want the windiness and hilliness: low, mid and high. Your sat nav will do the rest of the work so you can enjoy the adrenaline fuelled fun.

Updates via Wi-Fi®
Get the latest maps, software and easily sync new routes for your TomTom Rider via built-in Wi-Fi®. No computer needed. Your motorcycle sat nav notifies you when new updates are available - simply connect to your preferred Wi-Fi®network and choose what to install. ¹

TomTom Road Trips
Get on the road with hand-picked routes available to sync to your Rider 500. From winding coastal roads to breathtaking mountain climbs, you can find inspiration for your next ride with all the scenic stops and refreshing breaks marked along the way.

MyDrive motorcycle route planning
Use MyDrive to plan and edit your perfect ride. Select personalised waypoints, pick the level of hilliness and windiness then enjoy a roundtrip option for a different return journey. You can share your planned adventure instantly with your motorcycle sat nav using Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi®. ¹

Smartphone messages
Have smartphone messages read aloud in your headset so you stay connected but focused on the road. Turn this option off if you want to get lost in the new routes or leave on for alerts from SMS, Line and more.

Roundtrip Planning
Let your TomTom Rider automatically discover a different return route from your journey out. Simply select the start and destination then the TomTom Rider will make sure the journey out is different to the return so you can enjoy discovering new routes.

Smart screen
This glove-friendly touch screen offers new levels of sensitivity. The smart screen on the TomTom Rider can be toggled between light and heavy glove modes to suit you and the kit you're wearing.

Lifetime* European Maps
Pick your next touring adventure. Whether you're heading north or south, you can update available Europe maps free for the useful lifetime of your motorbike sat nav. Now with Wi-Fi®on the TomTom Rider staying updated is easier than ever.²

Lifetime* TomTom Traffic
Get intelligent routes that avoid traffic in real-time for the useful lifetime* of your motorbike sat nav. Know where delays are and whether a faster route is available so you can intelligently plan routes around traffic.³

Lifetime* Speed Cameras
Notifications on your TomTom Rider let you know when youre approaching a speed camera, and remind you of the speed limit. Now with Wi-Fi®, you can download updates at no extra cost, for the useful life* of your motorbike sat nav.

Black spot and jam tail warnings
Accident black spot and jam tail warnings help you ride more cautiously. Your motorcycle sat nav helps you to avoid sudden braking and riding too fast on risky roads by staying informed so you can ride with peace of mind.

Hands-free calling with Siri and Google Now
Make and accept calls with your smartphone in your pocket using Siri and Google Now voice controls. Tap to answer calls or simply use your voice to make calls to anyone in your contacts list.

Weather-proof build
The rugged design of the TomTom Rider makes it IPX7 weather-proof and drop-proof, ready for riding in all conditions. Even when wet, the touchscreen sensitivity remains accurate for constant control no matter the weather conditions.

Portrait View
Simply rotate to portrait view to see more of the bends ahead, so you can prepare for your next turn. The innovative rotating mount of this motorcycle sat nav allows an easy switch between landscape and portrait view.


Technical Specifications:
Battery includedRechargeable Lithium Ion
Battery lifetimeUp to 6 hours autonomous operation
Screen size11 cm (4.3") touchscreen
Screen typeCapacitive, glove-friendly, sunlight readable screen
Screen resolution480 x 272 WQVGA
Internal memoryYes - 16 GB
SD slotmicroSD
Waterproof(IPX7) - protects against any wet-weather conditions
Smartphone ConnectedTomTom Traffic, TomTom Speed Cameras, QuickGPSfix via bluetooth® on your smartphone
Bluetooth®For handsfree calling and data exchange
ConnectivityBring Your Own Connectivity
USBMicro USB port and USB cable 2.0
Bluetooth (for calls, messages, Siri & Google Now)Yes
Size (W x H x D)136.8 x 88.4 x 30.5
Weight280 grams
Vehicle mountRAM mounting kit - fits nearly all bikes
Speech EngineNuance
Text-To-Speech (TTS)Yes
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)No
Speak & Go (VC+WUW)No
Tilt SensorYes
Light SensorNo
TMC trafficN/A
  1. Wi-Fi ® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®
  2. Lifetime is the useful life of the device, which means the period of time that TomTom continues to support your device with either software updates, services, content or accessories. A device will have reached the end of its useful life when one or more is no longer available or if no updates have been downloaded to the device for a period of 36 months or more.
  3. Smartphone Connected: Get TomTom Traffic via your smartphone* with Bluetooth® wireless technology connection. * Your smartphone needs to be compatible and come with a data plan. Extra costs may apply.
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